Information about us

  Hello and Welcome to our store. We are a family run business and wanted to share with you a little bit about our family and why we started this company. We have a few family members that have been diagnosed Autistic and one with sever medical needs. My grandson Ulryk is our inspiration and Superhero. Ulryk is autistic and has many medical conditions including epilepsy, legally blind, using a feeding machine, and heart problems to name a few. This little guy that looks half his age is amazing! Even when in the hospital and times we thought we would loose him he would give the most beautiful smile. He never gives up! We love children and learned through Ulryk that some children need more love and support . We wanted to create a business that is dedicated to trying to help make life a little easier for those children and their parents. But because we love all children we didn't want to exclude any child. We have tried to create a business and products that will include all children. We know there are some exceptions but want to include as many children as possible. Our goal is to make life a little easier for parents and a little happier for children too.

You will see Ulryk on our site along with other grandchildren modeling our products. He is our tester and inspiration for a lot of our products. A good example is our small backpacks. These backpacks can be used for any child as a preschool bag, dance bag, diaper bag, medical bag, or in Ulryk's case to hold his feeding machine. Ulryk is on his feeding machine 23 to 24 hours a day so he needs to be able to take it with him. And why not make it cute and fun for him too! 

For Ulryk and anyone needing a backpack for a feeding machine we are more then happy to add a loop to any backpack to hold the formula bag for the feeding machine. If there is any product that we can carry to help make life easier for you and your children please reach out to us and let us know. After all we are all in this together! So please feel free to contact us with any questions or ideas you have.