Every Life Has A Purpose

Here at My Ducks in a Row we want to offer items that will help you and your child flourish and grow. We carry a variety of products including products for special needs children too. Join our newsletter for new products, tips, free coloring pages and sale alerts.

  • TOYS

    All of our toys are created to entertain and help children flourish and grow, especially helping special needs children. We carry therapy, fidget, and sensory toys.

    Fidget Sensory Toys 
  • Children's Clothing

    We carry a variety of t-shirts and infant clothing. Clothing ranging from newborn to 5+.

    Children's Clothing 
  • Accessories

    We carry a wide variety of other items for everyday use from bags, changing pads, to hair accessories. Anything to help the day be a little easier.

  • Bedding and Feeding

    Our burp towels & bibs are handmade with love. They are 3-layers of flannel cotton to keep them extra soft and absorbent. The burp clothes are the prefect size to be used are a changing pad too.

    Bedding and Feeding 
  • June 2024 Fidget Toys & Floam Subscription box

    Fidget Toys & Floam Subscription Box

    Kids love getting something in the mail for them. And what a better way to entertain them then with a surprise subscription box. Order 1 or more and get busy with the fun! Each month has a different theme to keep them entertained.

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