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Sanity Saver Fidget Pop It 4pc Puzzle Set

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   It can always be vacation time! A long car ride can be so boring for children but give them a fidget pop it toy and it could very well save your sanity. These colorful puzzle pieces come 4 in a package (yellow, purple, green, blue) and are so vibrant, amusing, and enjoyable. When the kids start fussing "they are bored" pull out the pop it pieces. You can give one color to each child or multiple to one. They can play with them in the car, at a restaurant waiting for their food, or even in line at an amusement park. When checking in to a hotel they can put their puzzle pieces together. 

    They are made from BPA free silicone and are washable with soapy water.

Pop it toys are made with Autistic children in mind but are perfect for any child or adult. 

They are great for any child's fine motor skills practice, 


100% cotton fabric and Thread

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9x18 3-layer

Care Instructions

Machine wash warm water and cold rinse. Dryer safe low

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